Military Saves Week

Soldier signing Military Saves PledgeWhat is Military Saves Week?

Military Saves is a DoD-wide financial readiness program designed to persuade, motivate and encourage service members and their Families to reduce debt and save money every month, thereby ensuring personal financial readiness and positively impacting the nation's personal/household savings rates.

When is it?

Military Saves Week is 19-26 February 2012.


Why should I get involved?

The average household carries about $8,000 in credit card debt, according to Financial stability is more than knowledge - it takes consistent action over time. Most people do better with a supportive environment. Military Saves is a nationally recognized program that offers Soldiers and their Family the support they need to start saving and get out of debt.

What can I start saving?

You can get involved by taking the Military Saves Pledge, a commitment to exercise good financial habits and encourage others to do the same. Savers who enroll online receive electronic newsletters and "e-wealth coach" advice. Military Saves encourages savers to develop a personal financial plan, establish good credit, save a portion of each paycheck, enroll in the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance, the Thrift Savings Plan and, when eligible, the Savings Deposit Program.

How can I get more information?

Military Saves Week Poster and take the Military Saves Pledge and be sure to download the Military Saves Week Information Paper and the Military Saves Fact Sheet to learn more. Check with your local Garrison for Military Saves Week activities in your local community. You can also read the DoD Military Saves Campaign Memo.



Special Message from Holly Petraeus

This special Military Saves Week message from Holly Petraeus has been designed to support campaign efforts on military units and installations.

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